Gameboy Game Cartridge Repair Guide

The Gameboy cartridge launched over 30 years ago alongside one of the most memorable handheld devices of the 90's, the original Gameboy DMG. These game cartridges have brought lasting memories to gamers, but time seems to be catching up to them quicker than ever. You can follow along with this Gameboy game cartridge repair guide... Continue Reading →

Gameboy DMG CleanAmp Installation Tutorial

Retrosix is an innovator in the retro gaming scene. They have released a number of products to bring your outdated hardware into modern times. I have installed their products on many of my systems, so follow along with this Gameboy DMG CleanAmp installation to get a detailed explanation of the entire process. The CleanAmp v1.1 is... Continue Reading →

Gameboy DMG RIPS LCD Installation Tutorial

The RIPS LCD for the Gameboy DMG is an incredible invention. It takes your old STN (Super-twisted nematic) display panel, and replaces it with a vibrant 8-palette RGB display. No more grayscale! Not to mention it quadruples the pixel count from the original display. Keep reading this Gameboy DMG RIPS LCD installation and see what... Continue Reading →

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