Sony DualSense Controller on a Nintendo Switch?

If you preordered a DualSense controller separate from a PlayStation 5, you may be one of the lucky few who received their controller early! You are also probably wondering what you can do with that controller while you wait for your next-gen console. Keep reading to learn about using a Sony DualSense controller on a Nintendo Switch.

Although the PlayStation 5 doesn’t release until November 12, accessories have been arriving early from some retailers. You may be among some gamers who are now happily holding their brand new DualSense controllers, albeit without a system to use it on!

Well, why wait for your PlayStation 5? Since the DualSense controller can connect through Bluetooth, there should be a number of current-gen options to keep you occupied until you receive your new console. One of those options is the Nintendo Switch. You unfortunately cannot connect the controller directly to the Switch, but with the help of a Bluetooth adapter, the connection is pretty straight forward!

8BitDo Bluetooth Adapter

Many Nintendo Switch users are familiar with the controller brand 8BitDo. They make excellent retro style controllers for newer consoles/ games, and they also make a Bluetooth USB adapter for those controllers. If you already own one of these adapters, you’re in luck! This adapter works great to connect your DualSense controller to the Switch!

With this adapter plugged into your Switch, you can connect the DualSense the same way you would connect any wireless controller. Once connected, you can use it to navigate the menu, and play any of the games you have.

The downside to this is that you unfortunately do not get the full DualSense experience. Without the PlayStation 5, you will not utilize some of the best features of the controller. Haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, create button, motion controls, and the integrated speaker all do not function with the Switch as those are included specifically for the PlayStation 5.


Obviously you won’t be able to fully enjoy your DualSense controller until your PlayStation 5 arrives on November12, but why wait to try it out? Through the use of a Bluetooth adapter, you can connect your controller to a Nintendo Switch and start to get a feel for the next-gen controller. This should keep you occupied until you get to enjoy your PlayStation 5.

Have you received your PlayStation 5 accessories yet? Did you know you can use a Sony DualSense controller on a Nintendo Switch? If you’ve connected your DualSense controller to a Switch, or any other console, let me know in the comments below!

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